Important addresses and directions:

Ralph-Wright Natatorium: 2216 S. Floyd Street, Louisville, KY, 40208

Community Park Dorms: 2033 S. 4th Street, Louisville, KY, 40208

Thornton’s Academic Center of Excellence: 2800 S. Floyd Street, Louisville, KY.  Cardinal Stadium, South end. Turn into the Parking Bronze lot D. The map with directions will be attached to your email prior to the camp session.


 What do I need to bring to check-in?

Please be sure to bring your signed registration and medical consent forms and a copy of insurance card.

 What’s the difference between Commuter and Resident?

Residents: are the campers who are staying full time overnight. They stay at dorms, get a little more activity time in the evening and receive breakfast in the morning.

Commuters: are dropped off after the breakfast and leave around halfway through the evening activity or free time. Commuters WILL NOT miss any classroom or water sessions.


 Can I request a roommate?

Yes. There will be an option to request a roommate during the registration process. Both campers must make requests at the time of registration, however, we cannot 100% guarantee it.

Club Camp is an exception to this rule. Club coaches are responsible for assigning roommates, so any roommate requests must be communicated with the club coaches and staff.


 Are there any discounts?

The discounts will be posted on our website or on social media profiles (Instagram @cards_camp; Facebook “Cardinal Camps”). There is usually a faculty discount and there is an early bird discount. Other opportunities will be posted as they arise so stay tuned!

 What is the refund policy?

Full refund can be expected if the cancellation took place before May 15, but regardless of time of cancellation you forfeit the convenience fee. More info on the website or contact us via email.

 Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges will be applied only if the camper looses the room key ($30).

 Where do campers eat and do they need to bring additional snacks?

Resident campers will be provided with 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Commuters will be provided with 2 meals (lunch and dinner). All meals take place at the dinning hall or will be catered. Snacks and other additional meals should be coordinated individually based on a schedule that will be provided to you upon the registration. Dining hall is a buffet, where kids are not restricted on the amount of food they eat.

 How much money should I send with my camper?

There will be supervised trips to the campus store and ice cream shop. Upon individual request, kids can go to any food restaurant within the walking distance from the dorms (Qdoba, Jimmy Johns, Pizza and Burger places) under supervision of a counselor.

 What is the level of supervision during the camp?

Participants who stay overnight will receive a full supervision. 3-5 full-time counselors will stay at dorms overnight, so they will be the first line of defense if anything were to happen. Full-time counselors will be responsible for participants to follow the schedule and be on time throughout the day and at every activity or practice.

 Can parents watch camp sessions?

Parents are welcome to stay after the check-in and watch the first practice, but there will be an open practice on the last day of camp.

 What should my child bring to the camp?

Residents: Pillow, sheets, blanket (Twin XL), towel (2), clothing and shoes (athletic and recreational), toiletries, accessories (no valuables), notebook and writing utensils, swim equipment, swimsuits, cap, goggles (2), spending money.

Commuters: swim equipment, swimsuit, cap, goggles, athletic clothes, notebook and writing utensils.


 Who can I contact in case of emergency?

In case of emergency, you will be provided with the Camp Coordinator contact information at the check-in or you can contact Chris Lindauer via email or via phone at 852- 4199

 What if my child has restrictions or has certain medications that s/he must take?

Please communicate any food allergies during the registration process. If the child has to take any prescribed medication during the camp, please let the Camp Coordinator know and send a note via email to make sure the staff can insure that it is being followed correctly.

 What is the cell-phone policy during camp?

We encourage our participants to communicate and interact with each other during the day. There will be free time after lunch and after the evening activities when campers are welcome to use their cell-phones to contact their family and friends.

 Who can stay overnight?

There is no restriction on whether your kid wants to be a commuter or a resident camper, however our recommended age for residents is 11-18 y.o.